About Me

 First: welcome to my portfolio and my personal and creative life...

 I'm Sophie, 30 years old and live in Amsterdam.    

       I'm graduated as a fashion stylist since 2010.

       My first job in fashion was at Slippur Nederland B.V. 
       (2012 - 2015)

       This dutch company fabricates her own fashion brand called  
       Slippely. A woman collection with (most) basics. 

       These basics are manufactured of the best quality of 
       fabrics: organic cotton or soft and comfortable viscose. 
       Colours, fit, details en sustainable fashion are the specialtys 
       of Slippely. Slippely is also part of the label Made-by.

       Check the website www.slippely.nl to see the results of my    
       graphic and web design (photoshoot/banners).

    My job consisted of:

        running and organizing the concept store

        sales and visual merchandising at the store

        customer service 

        design and organize marketing and advertising campaign

        trendwatching and translating to targetgroup

        design trends and colour visuals for clients

        photoshoot and design of collectionbook

        web and social media manager and designer

 So i'm pretty allround!

 My skills as a stylist are: 

       'know how' and visualising trends and prognosis 

        translate trends for brands and targetgroups

        big sense for colours, materials and silhouettes

        create (fashion) illustrations 

        technical and graphic design: photoshop, illustrator,

        indesign (CS5)

        webdesign: Magento 

        e-commerce: design and send mailings (YMLP)

        photostyling (shoots) and editing

        interiorstyling: store concepts and visuals

        sales: communication/sales competence, customer service

 I also (still) work as a nurse in a hospital, OLVG, near the centre of
 Amsterdam. Here I want to hold on to my qualitys as a nurse:

 My 'nurse' qualitys:

        great communication skills (English/Dutch)

        hard working, no 9 till 5


        teamplayer and motivator

        taking responsabillity 

        inquisitive and critical

        high stress tolerance

        high coordination/planning quality

        improvise and creative thinking and solve




        open minded



        no nonsense